Tiny Bracelets I -  Charka Bracelet I
Tiny Bracelets I -  Charka Bracelet I

Tiny Bracelets I - Charka Bracelet I

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This Tiny Charka Collection bracelet is designed with AAA gemstone beads,  set off by Black Tourmaline tube beads. The AAA gemstone charka beads are red carnelian, orange carnelian, rare honey calcite, green aventurine, blue lapis, amethyst, pink rose quartz. .925 thick plated silver Mykonos silver beads, silver plated star beads and a silver plated lobster claw clasp. 

Charkas' as many of you know are the energy centers of the body.  Red-root charka basic trust, Orange-sacral charka sexuality creativity, Yellow-solar plexus charka wisdom power, Green-heart charka love healing, Blue-throat charka communication, Purple-third eye charka awareness, Pink or White-Crown charka spirituality.

The tiny bracelet collection can be mixed and matched, stack them or where them as a single strand, they also, have extension chains to fit a variety of sizes.

All stock bracelets are made to fit a standard 6" wrist. Some designs I can adjust the size without taking the whole bracelet apart and others I can add a couple of jump rings that will make it work if your wrist is not much bigger than 6", in this case I can adjust the size at no extra charge. Contact me and I will walk you through how to measure your wrist correctly so we get a perfect fit.