Roman Glass Bracelet
Roman Glass Bracelet

Roman Glass Bracelet

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Looking for a bracelet that is unique to your collection! Roman Glass beads is going to be perfect for you! Salvaged from fragments of ancient Roman Glass from areas along the Silk Road trading route, each and every strand of Roman Glass beads has its own unique story to tell.

The production of Roman Glass can be traced back all the beginning of the 1st century AD. Initially, Roman Glass was produced and created using ancient Hellenistic glassmaking techniques. The majority of these manufacturing techniques were very tedious and usually took a ton of time. Due to this, the Roman Glass industry in its early years was a relatively trivial artisan craft that wasn't practiced by many. The most common glass artifacts that were produced during this period we vases and other vessels used to carry water. These Roman Glass artifacts were traded along the Silk Road and eventually made their way to places like Western Asia and the Middle East.

In the late 1st Century glassblowing techniques were starting to get developed and the implementation of these techniques led to more intricate glass artifacts to be created. SInce glassblowing was such a fast was to produce artisan glass the Roman Glass industry exploded and an excess of glass tools, pottery, decorations and various other items were made and sold in Roman markets and traded across the world. Roman Glass production reached its peak in the 2nd Century AD. Roman Glass was being used for windows and was being dyed in various colors like blue and green. The Roman Glass fragments you see today being used as beads can be from items like jars, goblets, windows, bowls, and vases.

* Roman glass beads in shade of green and blue

* Ethiopean silver barrel beads

* Silver plated square beads

* Wrist dangle of Roman irridescent glass

* Toggle clasp with round charm dangle

All pieces of jewelry are handmade by me. All stock bracelets are made to fit a standard 6" wrist. Some designs I can adjust the size without taking the whole bracelet apart and others I can add a couple of jump rings that will make it work if your wrist is not much bigger than 6", in this case I can adjust the size at no extra charge. Contact me and I will walk you through how to measure your wrist correctly so we get a perfect fit. Custom pieces are welcome.